Bengang News

Bengang Group's urban service segment is based on Bengang's resource endowment, focusing on urban services such as medical care, education, catering, heating, and real estate, based in Benxi, radiating Liaoning, and providing services for ecological cities and smart cities. The main operations are as follows:
Medical Services Benxi Steel General Hospital is a national third-level hospital and the fifth clinical college of China Medical University. It is the first hospital in Benxi to successfully carry out coronary artery bypass surgery, coronary angiography + PTCA + stent surgery, and kidney transplant surgery. Large modern general hospital with medical treatment, prevention, scientific research, teaching, first aid and rehabilitation. Among them, the Department of Cardiology and Urology is the key clinical specialty of Xixi City, and 11 secondary clinical departments have been identified as master's degree training bases for China Medical University. Nineteen medical staff have been employed as master tutors by China Medical University, and five have received government subsidies from the State Council. Bengang General Hospital has the city's largest and the first out-of-holidays clinic.
Bengang Southland Hospital (formerly the Affiliated Hospital of Gangyang Medical College) is a national second-class hospital, a designated hospital for medical injury at Bengang, the clinical psychiatric ward is the specialty of the city, and the surgical abdominal hernia is the specialty of the city. The first in the city to carry out the treatment of painless anorectal surgery. Can achieve CT remote consultation. Nandi Hospital's outpatient department is the largest year-round outpatient clinic in our city.
Benxi Iron and Steel Labor Health Research Institute (abbreviated as Labor Research Institute) undertakes occupational health examinations for nearly 40,000 employees each year, and conducts "three simultaneous" inspections and evaluations of employees' working environment and new, renovated and expanded technical renovation projects. , And the occupational disease diagnosis of pneumoconiosis, poison, malignant tumors.
Benxi Chest Hospital The only hospital in Benxi City that has obtained the "Specialist in Tuberculosis Specialty". The Diabetes-Combined Tuberculosis Unit is unique to this city and has 8 city leaders in natural sciences. At present, the differential diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis, refractory tuberculosis, and tuberculosis with diabetes has reached the advanced level in the province. "Xinglin Chunyu" service brand won the title of "Benxi City Excellent Service Brand".
Bengang Nanfen Hospital is the only national Grade A hospital in Nanfen area. It is a comprehensive medical institution integrating medical treatment, nursing, prevention, health care, science and education.
Educational Services Liaoning Vocational College of Metallurgy (Technical College for short) is a provincial full-time general higher vocational college and is the only metallurgical higher vocational college in Liaoning Province. More than 10 off-campus training bases have been established in Benxi Iron and Steel, and dozens of companies such as Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group, Lingyuan Iron & Steel Group, Tianjin Metallurgical Group have established long-term and stable off-school training bases to cultivate practical technologies. Talent protection. The Institute of Technology has successively won the "Outstanding Contribution Award for National Skilled Personnel Training" awarded by the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions, "Top 100 National Enterprise Training Units", "National High-Tech Talent Training Demonstration Base", "National Outstanding Contribution Award for Vocational Training Textbook Construction", " "National Excellent Vocational Skills Appraisal Agency" and other honorary titles.
Benxi Iron & Steel (Group) New Industry Development Co., Ltd. has two kindergartens in Dongming and Pingshan and a whole-brain development center for early childhood education. Dongming Kindergarten and Pingshan Kindergarten are both five-star kindergartens in Liaoning Province. They have undertaken and completed practical research on national-level teaching and research projects. Has won the "All China Women's Federation III. Eight Red Flag Collective", "Liaoning Province Children's Advanced Collective", "Liaoning Province's Advanced Unit of Civilization" and other honorary titles. The Baby-Care Early Childhood Whole Brain Development Center is the only large-scale publicly-funded professional GSP early education center in Benxi City. It adopts the most advanced international teaching methods and systematically develops all potentials of young children.
Catering services Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) New Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Bengang Hotel (referred to as Bengang Hotel) and Beiying Hotel serve Bengang and face the society. They are window service units with high influence in Bengang Group.
The Benxi Iron and Steel Hotel includes the Benxi Iron and Steel Hotel and the Jinshan Hotel. The two halls have a long history, rich cultural heritage, and a strategic location. The total building area is 24,340 square meters. There are 114 guest rooms and 12 meeting rooms. Garden-style hotel configuration, green area of 5,100 square meters. The hotel integrates accommodation, catering, conference reception, and travel and leisure services. It has received national leaders and celebrities from various circles. It has a high reputation in the regional hotel industry. The hotel has high-quality environmental facilities, affordable prices, and is a multi-level consumer. Provide business and travel accommodation value.
Heating service Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as heating power company) currently has a heating area of 6.585 million square meters. The heating area covers part of Benxi urban area and Nanfen area and Weitoushan Bengang mining area. At the same time, it is responsible for the production of Baitoushan Iron Mine of Benxi Iron and Steel Group and the supply of water to more than 4,700 local residents, with an annual water supply of more than 2.7 million tons.
From 2012 to the present, the thermal company has solidly promoted the sustainable and scientific development strategy of “energy saving, emission reduction, centralized heating, and green heating”, vigorously developed the circular economy, fully developed the waste heat of Benxi Iron and Steel production industry, and used it for heating in winter and spring. The key environmental protection heating projects such as slag flushing water of slab ironmaking plant and central heating in Nanfen were announced. The heating power company has eliminated and banned the environmentally-friendly boiler heating production capacity according to the plan every year, and has achieved remarkable results, and has made positive contributions to the environmental protection construction cause of "blue sky and blue water" in the Xixi area.
From 2014 to 2016, the heating company won the "Double First" honorary title of the advanced unit and advanced party committee of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group for three consecutive years; from 2012 to 2016, it won the award of Liaoning outstanding heating company for four consecutive years; In 2016, the advanced collective of Benxi City has achieved gratifying results of both social and economic benefits.
Real estate services Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Real Estate Co., Ltd. (referred to as a real estate company) is a multi-industry, comprehensive real estate development enterprise that integrates planning and design, real estate development, and construction. It has first-level qualifications for national real estate development, second-level qualifications for building construction and installation, second-level qualifications for planning and design, and third-level qualifications for real estate and property management. Independently develop the first phase of Xiangxi Garden, with a construction area of 42,000 square meters. Cooperatively invented the Cuishanzhuang project, with a development and construction of 24,000 square meters, which has already been completed and entered the household. The Real Estate Management Center (referred to as the Real Estate Management Center) of Bengang Group Co., Ltd. is responsible for the planning and implementation of property rights, domicile management, daily maintenance, and major maintenance projects of the group company's 4.245 million square meters of houses, replacement and transaction of public housing tickets, and collection Housing expenses, housing reform and sales, equipment and facilities maintenance and overhaul, rush repairs, and 267 house leasing tasks.
During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Bengang Group will build an urban service industry cluster. At the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the urban service sector will achieve an annual operating income of 2 billion yuan and a profit of 50 million yuan.