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Social responsibility

Bengang Group actively shoulders its social responsibilities, always enthusiastically supports and participates in social charity and public welfare undertakings, vigorously promotes the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation in “helping the poor, helping the poor, and helping the weak”, and has generously contributed in the public welfare activities such as earthquake relief, assistance to the disadvantaged and the poor, It has made positive contributions to the development of national and local charities, improved people's livelihood and promoted social harmony and stability, and established a good social image. In 2009, it was awarded the title of "Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Charity" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and has been awarded as an advanced unit for targeted poverty alleviation in Liaoning Province and an outstanding charitable enterprise in Benxi City for many years.

   I. Dedicating Love and Participating in Social Charity and Public Welfare <br /> Bengang Group always adheres to transforming social responsibility into long-term value orientation and cultural tradition of the enterprise, and actively participates in social charity and public welfare activities. According to the overall work deployment of Benxi Charity Federation, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group Charity Branch was established in 2014 to form five volunteer teams, the first team "respect the elderly and the elderly" volunteer team, and the second team "study and help" volunteer team. Volunteer team "Psychological Counseling" of the Third Corps, "Environmental Protection and Greening" Volunteer Team of the Fourth Corps, and "Critical Illness Support" volunteer team of the Fifth Corps recruited 2,870 volunteers. Since 2015, five volunteer teams have been organized to carry out large-scale tree planting and other social environmental protection public welfare activities, reclaiming barren mountains and planting 2,800 poplar seedlings. Volunteer service activities for volunteers to walk into the community, walk into nursing homes orphanages, and walk into the homes of difficult party members. The Benxi Iron and Steel Group Charity Branch has continuously expanded its volunteer team, and has continuously enhanced its corporate social influence through various forms of social charity activities.

   2. Responsibility and fulfill the social responsibilities shouldered by the enterprise From 2009 to 2017, Bengang Group actively participated in public welfare donation activities and supported social welfare undertakings. Donated to Tunlan Mine of Shanxi Coking Coal Group Co., Ltd. where gas explosion occurred; donated to the people in the earthquake-stricken area in Yushu, Qinghai; donated to the Liaoning State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission for Difficult Employees; sponsored by National Tourism Administration and Liaoning Provincial Government, and undertaken by Benxi Municipal Government The 7th Benxi International Maple Leaf Festival; sponsored by the heroic police of the province; donated for the 12th National Games; sponsored by Northeastern University; donated for the Education Fund of Xixi; donated cement for infrastructure construction in poor villages; Bridge investment; sponsorship of the Liaoning Hengye Basketball Department; donation for charity; donation to support poor villages; purchase of material donation for the provincial SASAC poverty alleviation project; donation for the 13th National Games; targeted poverty alleviation and resident villages in Huanren County Poverty Alleviation; Donation for Municipal Police Association.

   Caring for Employees and Actively Building a Harmonious Enterprise Life is at the core, and supporting systems such as hand in hand assistance, medical mutual assistance, and student assistance are supporting multi-level, wide-ranging assistance systems to implement the warming project.
Actively carry out "warm student aid" activities. Survey the situation of children of needy workers who are newly admitted to the university every year, and allocate special funds from the warm engineering fund to provide funding. From 2009 to 2015, a total of 1,287 children of employees in difficulty were admitted to the university, and the total amount of funding reached 3.037 million yuan.
In order to help the sick employees to reduce the economic burden caused by hospitalization, they actively organized employees to participate in the China Employees' Insurance Mutual Aid Association's "In-service Employees Hospitalized Medical Mutual Aid Insurance Plan" to build a multi-level medical security system for employees. As of the end of 2015, a total of 551,000 employees participated, and nearly 47,000 people received compensation, and the amount of compensation reached 36.421 million yuan.
With a strong sense of social responsibility, Bengang Group actively participated in social philanthropy, actively carried out poverty alleviation and public welfare donation activities, and received extensive praise from all walks of life, and made outstanding contributions to building a harmonious society.