Bengang News

Bengang Group's trade and logistics sector is relying on the main steel industry to achieve breakthroughs in the development of steel trade, import and export, warehousing and processing, logistics and transportation, and e-commerce, and to become a third-party trade and logistics operation service provider. Contribute to the continuous and steady development of the Group.
The marketing system of Benxi Iron and Steel Group includes Benxi Iron and Steel Group International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group), the sales department of the plate company, the Beitai Dalian Import and Export Company, and the sales department of Benxi Iron and Steel. Market development, sales, and after-sales service of various steel products, coking by-products, gas products, and various metallurgical slags, available materials and waste materials; the company undertakes the export of products produced by the branches and subsidiaries of the Bengang Group, and various products , Purchase of equipment, bulk raw fuel materials, and export of foreign labor services, engineering contracting, and technology import.
In terms of export trade, on the basis of consolidating the cooperation relationship between original customers and direct-supply users, we will develop emerging markets. At present, 60% of Bengang's export customers are direct-supply customers, spreading in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, and have played an active role in improving variety structure, product research and development, Bengang's decision-making and serving customers.
In terms of import trade, through the establishment of sound economic operation and profit-increasing measures, the focus is on innovation management, detailed processes, fully tapping potentials, reducing procurement costs, saving funds, becoming a favorable point of trade growth, and creating benefits for the steel group.
The Bengang Group continues to take product sales and service customers as the starting point, diversify with processing trade, import and export trade, futures trade, technology import and complete equipment output, etc .; cooperate with well-known steel e-commerce companies in equity investment and other methods to promote steel E-commerce development and diversification and diversification of trade methods. Carry out mineral trade. It plans to set up a resource development company to participate in the upstream iron ore, coal mines, non-ferrous metals and other domestic and foreign market operations, and to operate mineral resources in a variety of channels.
In terms of logistics, taking the large logistics strategy as the core, making full use of the existing shipping and port logistics platforms, continuously improving logistics efficiency, improving logistics management level and service quality, effectively reducing port consumption and shipping costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Bengang Group products.
Bengang Group implements the hierarchical management of destination ports, promotes the "pre-loading" of cargo collection ports, further improves the efficiency of maritime logistics, reduces logistics turnaround time, strengthens ship type management, and improves port loading and unloading efficiency.
Relying on the logistics transportation volume of about 80 million tons per year, Bengang Group explores the establishment of joint venture logistics enterprises, integrates logistics resources in a flexible way, optimizes and reduces logistics costs, and gradually extends to logistics markets outside Benxi by extending to suppliers and traders. Expansion to make it a new profit growth point for Bengang Group.
During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. formed a full coverage of logistics, warehousing, processing, and distribution, with a service system that supports a diversified marketing system and trade methods. It has established a trade system that focuses on domestic trade and supplements overseas trade Promote diversification of trade, explore new models of trade and finance; build a stable and mature steel e-commerce platform; form independent investment, cooperative operations, equity investment and other forms of investment subjects. At the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, it realized an operating income of 21 billion yuan and a profit of 150 million yuan.