Bengang News

Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Mining Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Mining Company) was established on December 28, 1995. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Corporation. It is the main raw material production base of Benxi Iron and Steel. Reputation.
Mining companies are located in Benxi and Liaoyang. The company has more than 10,000 employees and has four iron mines, three auxiliary mines, four reserve iron mines, four ore dressing plants, and a pellet plant. The company's factories and mines include eleven units including Nanfen Open-pit Iron Mine, Waitoushan Iron Mine, Nanfen Concentrator, Limestone Mine, Jiajiabao Iron Mine, and Maerling Pelletizing Plant. After many expansions, transformations, structural adjustments, and asset optimization and reorganizations, the company has formed a large-scale enterprise focusing on iron ore mining, beneficiation, and pellet production, supporting auxiliary materials production, transportation, and maintenance, with modern management and equipment levels. Mine Consortium.
The mining company has an annual production capacity of 25 million tons of iron ore, 8 million tons of iron concentrate, 2 million tons of pellets, and 1.1 million tons of quicklime. At present, it has 1.05 billion tons of iron ore resources and 55.95 million tons of limestone resources. Mining companies have successively introduced the use of American BE Company 295B electric shovel, Liebherr R9350E electric drive hydraulic excavator, Atlas PV351 electric drive hydraulic rig, Caterpillar 789C mechanical wheel dump truck, D10T bulldozer, German tower Kraf's ARs 3000-50 rock extraction machine, Finnish Metso Mining Company's HP5 cone crusher and other advanced equipment, the main equipment ranks the domestic leading level in the industry, with original fixed assets of 8.49 billion yuan. Provide equipment guarantee for stronger and bigger mining enterprises.
Mining companies combined with supply-side structural reforms, optimized the development structure and industrial layout of mineral resources, promoted the construction of reserve mines, and enhanced their development potential. Now it has four reserve iron ore resources including Hualinggou Iron Mine, Xujiabao Iron Mine, Mianhuabao Iron Mine, No. 2-6, and Huahonggou Iron Mine, with resource reserves of 2.21 billion tons.
Mining companies take the responsibility of creating value for the society, customers and employees, fulfill their social responsibilities, and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly green mine. In recent years, the implementation of the "Green Mountain Project" has been steadily promoted. In order to gradually improve and restore the foundation of the mining area and the surrounding environment, actively organize mine greening and continue to improve the ecological environment of the mine, four mines have become national "green mine" pilot units.
Mining companies aim at vigorously creating innovative enterprises, aiming at the forefront of industry technology, promoting independent innovation, successfully solving a series of technical problems, and forming a group of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, 19 national-level practical patents have been awarded in the field of professional technology management.
Mining companies will focus on the development of global mineral resources and contribute to the sustainable and stable development of the Group.