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The development of the industrial service sector of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group is based on the main industry of iron and steel, focusing on the maintenance and construction of the metallurgical industry, energy-saving and emission-reduction services, and extended processing of industrial products such as chemical products. Integrate internal resources, expand the external market of Benxi Iron and Steel, undertake third-party services such as energy saving, packaging, and testing, and cultivate new economic growth points for this steel group.
At present, the industrial service segment of Benxi Iron and Steel Group mainly involves Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Metallurgical Slag Co., Ltd., Benxi Steel New Industry Development Co., Ltd., Benxi Steel (Group) Construction (Maintenance Inspection) Company, and Benxi Steel (Group) Construction Co., Ltd. the company. The main operations are as follows:
Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Metallurgical Slag Co., Ltd. <br /> Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Metallurgical Slag Co., Ltd. (referred to as Metallurgical Slag Company) was established in December 1998. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, with 8 subsidiaries Management department, 7 production workshops and 3 subsidiaries including Benxi Jinlu Automobile Transportation Co., Ltd., Benxi Huayuan Building Materials Co., Ltd., Liaoning Slag Powder Co., Ltd. (joint venture), and currently employs 675 people.
The metallurgical slag company is mainly responsible for the processing and comprehensive utilization of metallurgical slag produced by Bengang Ironmaking and Steelmaking. The main products are slag iron, granulated iron, converter slag concentrate powder, molten iron pretreatment slag, fine slag powder, mixed tailings, tailings and so on.
The metallurgical slag company adheres to the principles of "safety, production maintenance, precision and efficiency", strengthens the entire production process control, achieves the goals of maintaining production, increasing profits, and reducing costs, and has contributed to the cost reduction of the steel process of the steel group.
Benxi Iron and Steel New Industry Development Co., Ltd. <br /> Benxi Iron and Steel New Industry Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as Xinye Co., Ltd.) was established in November 2012. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Steel Group and has fixed assets of 198 million yuan. The company has 8 functional sections, 13 branch (subsidiary) companies and a joint venture company, with 1,694 employees.
New Industrial Co., Ltd. is also engaged in industrial and urban services: industrial services mainly provide production auxiliary products, engineering equipment installation and maintenance, and vehicle transportation services for the main steel plant. The main industrial auxiliary products are raw materials for sintering ingredients, pig iron for steelmaking, castings, slag tank coatings, passivated magnesium powder, industrial water treatment chemicals, labor tooling and special protective supplies, dust filter bags, hardware products, heat-resistant salt cooling water , Ice fruit production, etc .; engineering maintenance services mainly include industrial pipeline cleaning projects, equipment maintenance, installation and maintenance of instrumentation and electrical and communication facilities, etc. In addition, special transportation vehicles and material transportation services can also be provided for special industrial engineering projects. City service owners' business mainly includes corporate life logistics services, media, printing, sales of office supplies, preschool education, hotels, dormitories, real estate rental, parking lot management and farm seedling planting.
During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, New Industrial Corporation will uphold the development concept of "entrepreneurship, integrity, innovation", adhere to the "development of circular economy and serve the main industry of iron and steel", and establish "based on the market, serve Bengang, society-oriented, bigger and bigger "Strengthening" goal, to strengthen the strength of the project, to do excellent characteristics of the project, expand the market space, and strive to create innovative service industry integrators with sustainable development.
Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Construction (Maintenance Inspection) Company < br Benxi Iron and Steel Group Construction (Maintenance Inspection) Company (referred to as Construction (Maintenance Inspection) Company) was established in July 2008 and is a ministerial-level wholly-owned subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group , Has an original value of 120 million yuan in fixed assets. Set up 25 teams (stations, factories) and operating areas, with a total of 4,322 employees.
The construction (maintenance inspection) company is a large-scale comprehensive specialized company integrating metallurgical equipment major repair, fixed repair, minor repair, production equipment maintenance, steel structure production, transportation and hoisting. It has the first-level qualification of national general contracting for smelting engineering construction . The company has a series of construction equipment such as 250 tons cranes made in Germany, Lincoln welding machines, CNC cutting machines, plate rolling machines and thousand-ton presses made in the United States. Won a series of honorary titles such as Liaoning Outstanding Building Construction Enterprise, Benxi City Top Ten Construction Company, Benxi City Outstanding Building Construction Enterprise, etc., and is the AAAAA level integrity enterprise of this city.
In terms of maintenance, the company has successively undertaken blast furnace construction and maintenance tasks of many domestic enterprises such as Hunan Xiangtan Iron and Steel Plant and Qingdao Iron and Steel Plant. The advanced technology and advanced technology in large-scale smelting projects have won the favor and praise of many domestic and foreign manufacturers. In recent years, the company has undertaken and completed high-quality 2 million tons of pellet flue gas desulfurization in Benxi Nanfenxinhe Metallurgical Furnace Co., Ltd. by way of general contracting, Beiying Iron Plant 2 × 750,000 tons of pellet flue gas desulfurization, horse ear A series of flue gas desulfurization projects such as flue gas desulfurization at the Ling Pelletization Plant and the transformation of the three power plants of the sheet power plant to cogeneration and desulfurization at Lulianglin County, Shanxi Province have been approved by the owner, and six projects have obtained national patents and opened up The company's new environmental protection industry. In terms of maintenance, to ensure that Benben Steel Group's production runs smoothly, it has completed the daily equipment maintenance and overhaul of the production plant with high quality, and achieved the goal of "zero impact" on production maintenance.
Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Construction Co., Ltd. <br /> Benxi Iron and Steel (Group) Construction Co., Ltd. (referred to as Bengang Construction Co., Ltd.) was established in October 1996 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group. The registered capital is 320 million yuan. It has 9 subsidiaries and 4 branches and currently employs more than 4,500 people.
Bengang Construction Company is a national first-level construction general contracting construction enterprise engaged in building construction, steel structure production, building material production, construction scientific research, and industrial building inspection and identification. It has a number of national housing construction, smelting, mining, mechanical and electrical, etc. First-level qualification for general contracting, multiple second-level qualifications for general contracting, including municipal and fire protection, and several professional contracting qualifications. It has successively obtained 6 provincial-level construction methods and 9 national patents, including 2 invention patents. The editor-in-chief "Technical Regulations of Blast Furnace Water Quenching Slag for Concrete" (YB / T4405-2013) has been released for implementation, "Research on Basic Temperature Control Technology of Metallurgical Blast Furnace Concrete" and "Preparation of Heat-resistant Rhenium Using Metallurgical Industry Slag", etc. Won the provincial scientific research achievement award.
The Benxi Iron and Steel Construction Company has successively completed nearly one hundred national key technical transformation engineering projects such as sheet iron mills, steel mills, hot rolling mills, and a cold rolling mill. At the same time, it has successively built a number of large-scale projects such as the Qinghai Maping Expressway, Dalian Erqi Jiadi Life Plaza, and Shandong Yuanda Group's 1.2 million-ton cold-rolled sheet project. Won the "Liaoning Luban Award Nomination Award", "Liaoning Construction Engineering Century Cup", "Quality Engineering in the Metallurgical Industry" and other honorary titles. He has created more than 50 provincial and ministry-quality projects and won more than 30 engineering quality awards. He has been rated as a "contract-keeping and credit-honoring" unit by the Liaoning Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce for 13 consecutive years.