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热连轧机组 The main process equipment of hot rolled sheet includes: 1700㎜, 1780㎜, 1880㎜, 2300㎜ hot continuous rolling mill
Variety Grade specification
General board SS400 Q235C Q235D Thickness 1.2—25.4㎜
Width 850—2150㎜
Pattern Q215-235
Low-carbon steel Q195 SPHC SPHD SPHE SPHF BGIF BGIFG SAE1006 SAE1008 SAE1010 SAE1012
Excellent carbon steel 20-50 08AL
Low-alloy steel Q345A Q345B Q345C Q345D Q345E Q420B
Ship plate steel CCSA CCSB
Hot rolled structural steel 20MnTiB SPHT1 / 2/3 / P235S Q345A SS400 SM490A / YA SM490B / YB St37-2 Q275
Wheel steel Q205PL / Q235PL Q345PL BG330CL BG350CL BG380CL BG420CL BG490CL BG590CL BG600C SW300 SW400 SW500 SW450 RS590
Chain steel GL1 / 2/3/4
Container steel Q245R Q345R
Cutting tool steel 65Mn
Welded bottle steel HP295 HP345 BG215
Weathering steel 09CuPTiRE-A 09CuPTiRE-B 09CuPCrNi 09CuPCrNi-A Q450NQR1 Q550NQR1
Automotive structural steel BG420L BG440L BG510L BG550L BG590L BG610L BG355L 500L 510L BQ500L BG450QK BG440QZR BG480QZR BG520QZR QStE340TM QStE380TM QStE420TM BSt500GQStE460TM
High strength steel Q460C Q460D BG600BC BG650BC ASTM A572 Gr50 ASTM A572 Gr6 BGS500MC BGS600MC BGS700MC S700MC BG520JJ
Container steel SPA-H
Pipeline steel S245 B L245 S290 X42 L290 L290MB S320 X46 L320 S360 L360 L360MB X52 L360 L360MB S390 X56 L390 S415 X60 L415 L415MB S450 X65 L450 L450MB S485 X70 L485 L485MB J55 L555 L555MB X80 X100
Pressure vessel plate Q245R Q345R