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Benxi Iron and Steel Group quickly conveyed the important instruction spirit of the internship general secretary Jinping to the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan and other places in Hubei and relevant provincial and municipal work requirements
Do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure that the employees are safe
On the 22nd, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group conveyed the important spirit of the general secretary of the Internship General Jinping's work on the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection in Wuhan, Hubei and other places, as well as the relevant work requirements of the provinces and cities. Chen Jizhuang, Party Secretary and Chairman of Bengang Group, clearly pointed out that all departments and units must take their own responsibilities and do a good job in preventing new coronaviruses. They also need to increase publicity and attract great attention from all employees. Every employee is well-known and careful, to ensure that the majority of cadres and employees have a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.
Recently, pneumonia of a new type of coronavirus infection occurred in Wuhan, Hubei and other regions. After the epidemic, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. On January 20, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued important instructions, emphasizing the need to put the lives and health of the people first, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Premier Li Keqiang issued a clear request for all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. Provincial and municipal leaders quickly issued instructions for epidemic prevention and control work, demanding compaction of responsibilities and good epidemic prevention and control work.
Benxi Iron and Steel Group attaches great importance to prompt implementation and requires all departments and units to improve their standing. Starting from the safety of employees' lives and physical health, we must recognize the extreme importance and practical urgency of epidemic prevention and control. Take immediate action and take strong measures. Effective measures will be taken to prevent and control the new coronavirus. At the same time, it is required to grasp the correct orientation of public opinion, strengthen publicity and guidance, strengthen epidemic prevention knowledge and related policies and measures through various channels and methods, improve the self-protection awareness and ability of all cadres and employees, and ensure physical health and peace.