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Wang Yan in-depth production inspection to guide work safety
He emphasized that all units must firmly establish a safety bottom line thinking, tighten the string of safety, and always adhere to a sense of crisis like walking on thin ice and a sense of responsibility like Taishan. Persist in grasping safe production work to ensure that production is safe and stable during the festival and create production again Success

Ben Wang, general manager of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, conducted in-depth inspections at the production line to guide work safety.
The Spring Festival is approaching. Bengang Group takes safety production during the Spring Festival as the top priority of its current work. On the 20th, Wang Gang, the general manager of Bengang Group, went to the production line of the plate material factory, the metallurgical slag company, and the plate scrap steel factory to check the implementation of safety production measures and guide the work safety.
Gao Lie, deputy general manager of Bengang Group, Zhang Guiyu, deputy general manager and chief engineer, and the heads of the manufacturing department, equipment department, safety supervision department, energy environmental protection department and other departments inspected together.
Benxi Iron and Steel Group attaches great importance to work safety and has always regarded it as the basis for enterprise production operations and reform and development. According to the relevant requirements of the province and city, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Bengang Group combined with the actual production safety work of the enterprise, grasped the implementation of various safety responsibilities and measures, and ensured that the production and operation work during the festival was stable and smooth.
At the production site of the plate raw material plant mixing storehouse, metallurgical slag company, and plate scrap steel plant, Wang Min heard the report of the person in charge of the company on the production, equipment status, and work safety arrangements during the festival, and had a deep understanding of the daily production operations of front-line employees. , Equipment and personnel safety protection measures, employees' job security duties, etc. He pointed out that all departments and units should strengthen the awareness of production safety, effectively fulfill the responsibility of the main body of production safety, improve the work safety system, and fully implement the system of production safety responsibility. It is necessary to improve the reward and punishment system, increase inspection efforts, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, carry out solid risk identification and risk management and control, thoroughly rectify hidden dangers and prevent various accidents.
Wang Yan pointed out that all units must optimize their emergency response plans, improve emergency response capabilities, strictly implement safety procedures, and tighten the string of safe production at all times to allow employees to work with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. China, to ensure a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.
Wang Yan emphasized that during the festival, all units must soberly understand the importance of safe production, firmly establish the safety bottom line thinking, tighten the string of safety, and always adhere to the safety production work with a sense of crisis such as walking on thin ice and a sense of responsibility like Taishan. It is necessary to strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, especially for key parts and key links, to continuously carry out various major safety inspections, to ensure that various safety measures are implemented, to ensure that production safety and stability go forward during the festival, and to achieve production success.