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Leaders of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee visited Bengang's moral model
On the 21st, Dong Wenku, deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and director of the Municipal Civilization Office, came to Bengang to pay tribute to Wang Shiming, an employee of the model of morality in Benxi and the sintering area of Beiying Iron Plant. And the warmth of all sectors of society. The person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group accompanied and visited the sympathy.
At the Beiying Iron Plant, Dong Wenku talked cordially with Wang Shiming. Dong Wenku sent sincere greetings and holiday blessings to Wang Shiming, as well as a condolences. Dong Wenku inquired about Wang Shiming's work and life in detail, fully affirmed Wang Shiming's feelings of loving the motherland and dedicating his people, and striving for self-improvement and hard work. He said that in order to better give play to the role of moral example, it is necessary to deepen the study and propaganda of moral models, explore the establishment of long-term mechanisms, give lofty courtesy to advanced models, promote the regularization of moral model care, and establish good people, good news, and virtue. Value-oriented. Wang Shiming said that he will cherish the honor, start from himself, drive the employees around him, live up to the expectations of the party and the government, and live up to his mission of moral model.
Wang Shiming participated in volunteer activities in 2010, and so far has participated in 5,600 hours of public welfare activities. He presided over more than 1,000 public welfare activities, and so far, more than 40,000 people have participated in public welfare activities, benefiting nearly 37,000 people, totaling more than 540,000 hours of public welfare time, and donating more than 150,000 yuan in donations. He is the director of Benxi Volunteer Service Federation, the leader of the warm sunset volunteer team, the leader of the first branch of the Benxi Charity Federation volunteer team, the leader of the fifth group of the Benxi Iron and Steel Volunteer Team, and the captain of the Beiying Iron Works volunteer team. Wang Shiming has been rated as "Benxi Good Man", "Most Beautiful Worker", "Liaoning Good Man", "Liaoning Most Beautiful Volunteer", and "The Seventh Benxi City Moral Model". In his daily work, Wang Shiming loves his dedication and dedication, and has been rated as an advanced individual by Beiying Company for more than ten years.
In the conversation, the person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Benxi Iron and Steel Group hoped that Wang Shiming would continue to play a leading role as a model of morality, spread the style of civilization, and pass on the positive energy of the society. In the future, we will vigorously publicize and advance the advanced deeds and spirit of moral models, create a strong atmosphere of respect for models and advanced learning, and set off a wave of concern, learning, advocacy, and competition for moral models among employees, and promote the high-quality development of Bengang Group and even Benxi. Regional economic development contributes.