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Greetings are full of caring blessings and passing warmth
The leaders of Benxi Iron and Steel Group visited the employees in need before the Spring Festival

The picture on the left shows Chen Jizhuang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Iron and Steel Group, visiting the homes of employees in difficulties.
The picture on the right shows Wang Gang, the general manager of Steel Group, visiting the homes of employees in difficulties.
The cold winter sends warmth, and the warmth of love is warm. As the Spring Festival is approaching, the leaders of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Chen Jizhuang, Wang Yan, Zhao Zhongmin, Yang Chengguang, Cao Aimin, Chen Tie, Gao Lie, Zhang Peng, Zhang Guiyu, Zhang Yanbin, Tang Chaosheng, etc. visited the homes of employees in difficulty and addressed them to them. With the blessings of the festival, and send the care of party organizations and enterprises to their hearts.
People who have become poor due to illness have always been the object of concern and assistance of the Party Committee of Bengang Group. On January 20th, Chen Jizhuang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, came to the home of Feng Dongyi, an ingot caster in the continuous casting production area of the steel casting operation area of the sheet steel special steel factory in the country. Feng Dongyi suffered from diabetes and developed uremia. The condition has deteriorated in the past two years. He needs dialysis three times a week. He is now in bed and has lost the ability to work. "How are the indicators controlled?" "What are the difficulties in life" ... Chen Jizhuang asked Feng Dongyi's physical and living conditions in detail, and encouraged him to maintain a good mentality and persist in fighting for the disease for his family. Later, Chen Jizhuang came to the home of Liu Haibin, a worker at the national level in difficulty, and a worker in the steel casting operation area of the first machine repair plant of a machinery manufacturing company. Liu Haibin suffers from severe liver disease. His child is in high school and his family is under great financial pressure. Chen Jizhuang has visited Liu Haibin for two consecutive years, and he is relieved to see that Liu Haibin's condition has improved. "Can the medical expenses be reimbursed?" "What medicine to take and what are the side effects?" ... Chen Jizhuang kindly asked Liu Haibin's condition and encouraged him to cooperate with treatment with a positive attitude and strive for an early recovery of health. Chen Jizhuang said that Bengang is a big family, and the development of Bengang is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every employee, and the company will not forget them. In his condolences, Chen Jizhuang asked relevant units to follow the precise poverty reduction requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, use practical actions to care for and care for employees in need, and help them solve their difficulties in work and life.
On January 17, Wang Gang, the general manager of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, visited Duan Youhai, a national-level employee in difficulty and a worker in the gas maintenance operation area of Beiying Energy General Plant. This is Wang Yan's visit to Duan Youhai's house for two consecutive years. Duan Youhai had a sudden neck hemangioma in March 2018. The cost of the operation was more than 170,000 yuan. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment and costs more than 26,000 yuan. His wife is unemployed, his children go to high school, and family life is very difficult. "How is your health?" "You need to pay more attention to your rest." ... Wang Wang kindly asked Duan Youhai's physical recovery and subsequent treatment, telling them that they had difficulty finding tissue, and sent him a condolences. Later, Wang Yan came to the home of Liu Jinhui, a nationally difficult worker and employee of Beiying Railway Transportation Company. Liu Jinhui was diagnosed with kidney cancer and bone metastases in the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University in May 2019. Liu Jinhui's salary income is the only source of income for the family, and medical expenses make family life difficult. "How is your body recovering?" "The mentality is very important. It is necessary to adjust the mentality." ... Wang Wang talked kindly with Liu Jinhui to understand his physical and living conditions in detail, and encouraged him to build confidence, face it actively, and insist on regularity. Review and actively cooperate with treatment. In his condolences, Wang Yan asked relevant unit and department heads to conduct more investigations and pay more attention to employees in need, and help them solve practical difficulties in work and life.
On January 17, Zhao Zhongmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Bengang Group, came to the home of Zhang Jiaming, a security brigade of Bengang Security Center. Zhang Jiaming's wife Pan Yanting was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2018 and has been undergoing chemotherapy since her diagnosis. Zhao Zhongmin visited Zhang Jiaming's home on the eve of the Spring Festival last year. Zhao Zhongmin said that Zhang Jiaming, like many ordinary employees of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group, loves his job and dedication, dedicated himself and silently to his job, and has contributed to the development of the company. Our organizations at all levels should pay more attention to the employees in difficulty, try their best to solve the problems for them, and let them enjoy the development results with the enterprise. Subsequently, Zhao Zhongmin and his entourage came to the home of the infantry soldiers of the Plate Energy General Plant. The infantry's 8-year-old daughter has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The infantry's salary income is the only financial source of the family, and the family's life is difficult. Zhao Zhongmin said that this visit was not only a sympathy, but also an expression of the company's respect for the dedication and professionalism of frontline employees at the grassroots level.
On January 16, Yang Chengguang, deputy general manager of Bengang Group, came to the home of Liu Zhengchun, a difficult worker in the limestone mine. Yang Chengguang asked Liu Zhengchun's physical condition and family situation in detail. Liu Zhengchun suffers from a variety of diseases such as diabetes syndrome, vision is equivalent to blind people, long-term illness at home, his wife is unemployed, and the child is in college. He is the only financial source of the family, low income and difficult life. Yang Chengguang took Liu Zhengchun's difficulties seriously and ordered relevant departments to pay more attention and care. Later, Yang Chengguang and his entourage came to the home of Wang Yufeng, a difficult worker at the lining branch of the Third Steel Rolling Plant of Benxi Iron and Steel Company, to learn more about his physical condition and family situation. Wang Yufeng suffers from severe heart disease, his wife suffers from various diseases, his child works in Dalian, his family has financial difficulties and his life is difficult. Yang Chengguang encouraged him to take good care of himself, and the company always kept in mind that they would create conditions for them and solve difficulties as much as possible.
On January 17, Cao Aimin, Chief Accountant of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, came to the home of Wang Liming, a fitter in the finishing work area of Beiying Casting Pipe Company. When he learned that Wang Liming had a low income, suffered from diabetes syndrome, had multiple hospitalizations, and had a large cost, his wife When he was unemployed, Cao Aimin said to him and his lover, "With the support of Bengang Group and the unit, I hope you will survive the difficulties and build your confidence in life." And instructed them to exercise well and train their children. Wang Liming said gratefully, "I will keep my body well and work hard in the future to repay the Bengang Group." Later, Cao Aimin came to the home of Li Yi, an employee of the thermoelectric operation area of the sheet power plant. Li Yi smeared the skin with a medicine at his own expense. Itching can cost more than 15,000 yuan per year. Cao Aimin encouraged him and his family to ignite the courage to live out of the predicament as soon as possible, and told them that it was difficult to find an organization.
On January 17, Chen Tie, the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of Bengang Group, came to the home of Chen Zhiming, a cleaning worker in the general office of the Plate Coking Plant. He suffered from ulcerative colitis and needed to administer medicine every day. Chen Tie sent him and his family a blessing in the Spring Festival, telling him to take good care of his illness and improve his immunity. The Chen Zhiming family expressed their sincere gratitude to the leaders of Bengang Group. Later, Chen Tie went to Bai Yu's house in the power operation area of the mining plant in Nanfen. Bai Yu suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, chronic liver failure, myocarditis, and pneumonia during the active flame generation period, and was recuperated for a long time. Chen Tie looked at their living conditions, and asked about his daily living conditions, and encouraged him to have the confidence to overcome the illness. Bai Yu's mother repeatedly thanked the leaders of Bengang Group for their care and the warmth of the big family.
On January 16, Gao Lie, deputy general manager of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, came to the home of Wang Ye, a difficult worker in the Mintou Minehead Mine. Wang Ye had a traffic accident on his way to work and suffered serious brain damage. The total cost of surgical treatment for the general hospital in the northern battlefield of Shenyang was more than 120,000 yuan. He needed treatment after discharge and had lost his ability to work. After learning about Wang Ye's situation, Gao Lie told the person in charge of the unit that he should always care about and help this difficult family, and that the family members of difficult workers can be changed to “blood transfusion” and “blood production” to improve the family's economic situation. Later, Gao Lie and his entourage came to the home of Meng Fanwei, a difficult employee of Beigang Liao Coal Chemical Company. In 2019, Meng Fanwei was in bed at home due to cerebral infarction. He could not take care of himself, his wife did not have a fixed income, and his son was studying at university. His family life was difficult. Gao Lie kindly asked Meng Fanwei's condition, family income, and his child's attendance at school.
On January 16, Zhang Peng, deputy general manager of Bengang Group, came to the home of Feng Li, a difficult worker in Beiying Iron Plant. Zhang Peng exchanged cordially with Feng Li and her family. After learning that Feng Li's lover had stomach cancer, she told them that the organizations at all levels were very concerned about the difficult situation in her family, and that she would and would help them in various ways. . Zhang Peng told Feng Li that it is necessary to firmly believe that difficulties are temporary, and relying on the strength of the organization and society, the economic constraints in the family will be improved. Later, Zhang Peng and his entourage came to the home of Sun Yang, a difficult worker of the concrete branch of the construction company. Sun Yang himself suffers from gouty arthritis, and salary income is the sole source of income for the family. Zhang Peng and Sun Yang talked cordially and encouraged him to work hard and share the fate with the company. When she learned that Sun Yang's daughter had a college entrance examination this year, Zhang Peng wished her the title of gold list and was admitted to the ideal university.
On January 17, Zhang Guiyu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Bengang Group, came to the home of Li Yachen, an employee of New Industrial Corporation, and expressed the company's love for the employees in need. Li Yachen's wife has malignant breast tumors, has been treating, has already spent a lot of medical expenses, and her child is in high school, and his family life is difficult. After understanding their situation in detail, Zhang Guiyu encouraged them to face life firmly and the company would pay attention to them from time to time. Subsequently, Zhang Guiyu and his party came to the home of Sun Xiaoming, an employee of the Beiying Coking Plant. Sun Xiaoming suffered from a brain tumor. He sold his house for medical treatment. He is currently renting a house. His wife is unable to work to take care of him, and the child is in high school and has a difficult life. Zhang Guiyu said that organizations at all levels need to care for employees in need, give them care and attention, and do their best to help them solve practical difficulties.
On January 16, Zhang Yanbin, chairman of the Bengang Group Labor Union, visited the home of the father-in-law and mother-in-law temporarily living in the difficult Nanfang open-pit mine, Wang Yang, and visited them. Wang Yang's wife is unemployed. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. She has been hospitalized for multiple operations. She has relapsed and metastasized. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Wang Yang's salary is the only source of income for the family. "I hope your wife can feel at ease and take care of her sickness, and your child will be admitted to the ideal university." Zhang Yanbin sent the Chinese New Year greetings to the Wang Yangs. Later, Zhang Yanbin went to the home of Zhao Fengli, an employee of Beiying Rolling Mill. After learning that Zhao Fengli's wife was sick and he had a brain tumor, he had a craniotomy at the Shengjing Hospital affiliated to the China Medical University last September. After medical expenses caused family difficulties, Zhang Yanbin encouraged them to be strong. Difficult to find organizations, enterprises are always a big family of employees.
On January 20th, Tang Chaosheng, assistant to the general manager of Bengang Group, came to the home of Li Zhiyong, a difficult employee of the Cooperative Branch of the Construction Company. The worker's wife has breast cancer, and her daughter is a graduate student. Li Zhiyong's salary is the only source of income for her family and her life is difficult. After inquiring about Li Zhiyong's family situation, Tang Chaosheng greeted him with holiday greetings and encouraged him to believe that the days would get better. At the home of Liu Jiaxiang, a difficult party member of Beiying Metallurgical Slag Company, Tang Chaosheng learned that the worker's wife suffered from cerebral infarction three times in succession, and medical expenses caused family life difficulties. Tang Chaosheng encouraged him to strengthen his confidence and overcome difficulties. Liu Jiaxiang's wife was very moved and expressed her gratitude to the company and the organization for her care.
The affectionate care of the leaders of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group deeply touched the employees in difficulty. They said that although the family is currently difficult, in the big family of Bengang Group, they feel very safe and warm. In the future, they will turn the company's care into the motivation of life and work, optimistic life, and do their best to do more. Businesses contribute.
The heads of the relevant departments of the Bengang Group's labor union, human resources department, office, and other relevant units participated in the visit and condolences.