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Let the power of role models lead us forward
Create the true nature of steel and illuminate the future of the company. In 2019, Bengang's advanced model is based on the spirit of “innovation, change and self-improvement”, and a sense of responsibility to overcome difficulties and dare to bear responsibility, vividly showing the state and role of Bengang in the new era.
Looking back on 2019, the international situation is turbulent, the downward pressure on the domestic economy has increased, and the steel market has fallen turbulently. The Benxi Iron and Steel Group has experienced various tests such as fluctuations in production, the pain of reform, and contraction of credit. However, the hard-working Benxi Steelers once again handed over the hard-won answer sheet, leading the output of leading products to achieve steady growth, all-round benchmarking, and cost reduction throughout the process. Through continuous optimization and upgrading, the effectiveness of the company's economic operation has been further highlighted. Winning the bid for the China-Russia East Line Natural Gas Pipeline Project and Beijing Daxing International Airport won the 2019 Liaoning Provincial Governor's Quality Award. Nearly a hundred patents were authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, a year-on-year increase of 260%, and the company's core competitiveness was significantly enhanced. At the China (Quanzhou) Innovative Craftsman and "Belt and Road" Industrial Development Summit Forum held earlier this year, Bengang Group won three awards, which were selected as "China's Industrial Impact 70 Enterprises" and "China's Industrial Impact 70 Brands". "Chen Jizhuang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Bengang Group, was selected as the" 70 People with Industrial Influence in China ".
The power of role models is endless. In the course of this struggle, a group of advanced collectives and individuals with lofty spirits and characteristics of the times played an exemplary role, forged ahead, and dedicated themselves. They have ambitious ideals and firm convictions. They are pioneers who implement new development concepts and promote high-quality development of enterprises. They forget their labor and strive to support a better life with the power of iron and steel. Practitioners of the new fashion ... They are leading the way in the journey of high-quality development with the power of example.
Let the power of role models lead us to move forward. We need to learn that they are patient with their work and let time witness their dreams. They are praised sincerely by people because they suffer first, enjoy later, and don't count on rewards and willingness to give. In their mundane and even trivial work day after day, they are determined to be diligent and down-to-earth, and insist on the choice of dedication. In this determination and persistence, they constantly pursue perfection, meet one challenge after another with a strong sense of mission, and realize their own life value in the dedication of fame and fortune. The development of Bengang requires each and every one of our employees to be as grateful, hardworking, and patient as they are, to do their work perfectly and to create the value of life with practical actions.
Letting the power of role models lead us to move forward, we need to learn their spirit of hard work and confidence in the future, we must work together to reform and innovate, to continue to require momentum from reform, to vitality from reform, to productivity from reform. All Bengang people must emancipate their minds and dare to be the first to make new progress in the reform and development of enterprises; they must invigorate their spirits, overcome difficulties, and make new contributions in the high-quality development of enterprises; they must be down-to-earth, work hard, and work hard in ordinary Creating glory on the job is a sacred mission entrusted to all Bengang people by the times.
It doesn't have to be me, it must be me. The power of role models inspires us to forge ahead and innovate.