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"Three years to sharpen a sword"
——Review on the technological quality of the electro-galvanized products of Bengang Group
"In 27 months, completed 169 key research subprojects and optimized 229 key process control points;"
"The product has been able to produce only single fingerprint-resistant appliances in the past, and now it has been stably producing fingerprint-resistant, passivation, oiling, and phosphating products, achieving full coverage of the design products of electrogalvanizing units, and the product quality has reached the first-class level."
"On September 30, 2019, the daily output of electrogalvanizing units reached 1012 tons and the shift output reached 432 tons, creating the best level in history."
"Electro-galvanizing unit has a pass rate of more than 90% for phosphating automobile panels, and has successfully produced DC07E + Z electro-galvanized automotive exterior panel products. TRIP780 high-strength steel electro-galvanized automotive panels have passed the certification of a domestic automobile company to replace imported products. "
"On January 6, 2020, as assessed by the Chinese Society of Metals, the 'Independent R & D and Technology Integration of Electro-Galvanized Products' project reached the international advanced level."
On January 16th, a series of gratifying results were encouraging and encouraging at the summary meeting of the technical and quality research of the galvanized products of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group.
The achievement of these results is that Bengang Group focuses on the development trend of the future industrial chain. Starting from process optimization, technology research and development, process control, quality improvement, personnel operation, and management systems, the entire chain creates an innovation ecology, and vigorously promotes innovation and consistent research. The epitome of quality management. At the same time, it is also the continuous deepening of the supply-side structural reform of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group, the optimization of the "two structures", the deepening and practical upgrading of the industrial structure and the product structure, the linkage of sales, research and production, and continuous efforts in high-end manufacturing to promote the company's "quality and efficiency" The specific embodiment of the dynamic and balanced development of "scale".
“Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and plum blossoms came from bitter cold.” Looking back on the 27-month hardship, Bengang Group invested a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources to focus on the whole process innovation of the electro-galvanized product structure upgrade and summarize the experience , Solidify the results, optimize the theory, form a system, build a full-chain innovation ecology, accelerate the advancement of high-end manufacturing, make positive contributions to the development of high-quality steel bases and create a new situation for the high-quality development of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group.

High starting point plan: All-round production line upgrade opens a new era

Bengang Group's electro-galvanizing unit was put into production in 2012. It is one of the four large electro-galvanizing units in the country and the only electro-galvanized sheet production line in the north of the Yangtze River. This unit aims at the development trend of the world's electro-galvanized products. The product is positioned to produce high-quality, high-value-added automotive steel and high-end household electrical appliances. However, due to the lack of process technology and the lack of equipment functions, the unit has been able to produce only a single low-end fingerprint resistant product, which has not reached its original design capacity and profitability level.
“It was put into production in 2012 and it took 5 years. The product quality has not been effectively improved. The production line has not been able to reach the production efficiency. What happened to the electrogalvanized sheet production line?” “Same as the Baosteel electrogalvanized production line, but it can only produce a single For fingerprint home appliances, where will Bengang's electro-galvanized production line go? "" What is the future development of electro-galvanized products? Do you choose to temporarily suspend production or continue to invest? "In July 2017, at the managerial meeting of Bengang Group, it came from time to time. The atmosphere of the discussion was particularly warm. At that meeting, the galvanizing line ushered in a life-and-death choice.
"In 2017, China's focus was on promoting supply-side structural reforms. At the same time, as the country fully promoted" Made in China 2025, "the steel industry ushered in new development opportunities." In this situation, the leadership of Bengang Group Decisive decision: Based on the current situation, take a long-term view, be market-oriented, and adhere to supply-side structural reforms. Aim at the bottlenecks and weak links that restrict the development of enterprises, accelerate transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and effectively improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities of enterprises.
Bengang Group's galvanized production line has taken this opportunity to enter a new stage of development. After the early scientific demonstration and detailed preparations, the people of Benxi Iron and Steel deeply realized that quality research is not only the physical quality of products in a narrow sense, but also the quality of the entire process of research and development, production, quality, equipment, procurement, and sales.
Since then, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group has begun the entire process and the whole chain to further promote the technical improvement of electrogalvanized product quality, and has specially established the "Electro-galvanized Quality Improvement Key Group", which is in the process, technical breakthrough, quality breakthrough, personnel operation, Innovate in system management and other aspects, comprehensively improve the physical quality of Benxi Steel's electro-galvanized products, establish a consistent process technology and management system for high-grade electro-galvanized products, and promote the certification of electro-galvanized automobiles and home appliances.
Bengang Steel's electro-galvanizing line has ushered in new opportunities for development.

Implementation of high standards: gaining new experience through innovation in the whole process

In September 2017, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group issued the "Notice of the Key Group for the Improvement of the Quality of Galvanized Electroplated Zinc", emphasizing the need to carry out innovation and research throughout the entire process and process. Reorganized the process in terms of production technology, technical research, process control, quality improvement, personnel operation, and system management, comprehensively carried out training, research, and system document revision work, and adhered to the management requirements of "repeated, repetitive", which effectively promoted Integration of consistent quality management with daily production and operation activities.
Since the beginning of the tackling of key problems, the leaders of Bengang Group have attached great importance to tackling key problems. The key task is led by Zhang Guiyu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, and a special conference is held every week to discuss the process. At the same time, led by the Sheet Metal Technology Research Institute, the key implementation of the sheet cold rolling mill, the various processes and departments worked together to draw a clear road map, and steadily advance according to the time node:
——From October to December 2017, complete the investigation of the entire process of technology, production, technology, and equipment, prepare an assessment report of "manufacturability of Bengang Steel's electro-galvanized car outer panel products", and formulate a list of improvement projects and a schedule.
——From January to September 2018, the formulation of the entire process, equipment, and operation improvement plan, the control plan for the interior and exterior panels of automobiles and home appliances (key process control points), the completion of process optimization and equipment improvement, and the batches of interior and exterior panels for automobiles and home appliances ( (30 tons) production verification and quality improvement, with the ability to stably produce 1,000 tons of batch phosphating automobile panels.
——From September 2018 to December 2019, through batch pull-outs, the quality of the entire process was solved, and the quality of the interior and exterior panels of automobiles and home appliances was gradually improved. The chromatic aberration defects of home appliances were effectively controlled. Project summary report.
——January 2020 ~ January 2021: solidify the results, develop the market, continue to improve product quality steadily, and promote the certification of automotive panels.
At present, the main work has been completed.
With the gradual progress of research, in the plate technology research institute and related experts, as well as the manufacturing department, equipment department, international trade company, procurement center, sheet steel mill, sheet hot rolling mill, sheet cold rolling plant, sheet inspection and testing center, etc. Through the joint efforts of the entire process and various processes, through the introduction, digestion, innovation, integration and improvement, the majority of employees have learned the advanced production concepts of benchmarking enterprises, solidified the production processes and standardized and refined operations, and formed a series of new ideas for innovative research. New method and new system, completed a total of 169 key research sub-projects, including 32 front processes, 137 galvanization processes; optimized 229 key process control points, including 55 steelmaking processes, 50 hot rolling processes, acid There are 23 rolling and continuous withdrawal processes and 101 galvanizing processes; new breakthroughs have been achieved in the IF steel low temperature process and the BH steel excess carbon control technology.

High-intensity promotion: speed up the whole chain to gain new results

On January 6, 2020, Zhang Guiyu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Bengang Group, led a team to participate in the evaluation meeting of scientific and technological achievements of the steel industry organized by the Chinese Metal Society. At the meeting, Wang Xigang, chief engineer of the Home Appliances Panel Research Institute of the Plate Technology Research Institute, represented Bengang Group on behalf of Bengang Group and gave a wonderful report and Q & A on the project of "Independent R & D and Technology Integration of Electro-Galvanized Products". Seven patents were granted, three of which were invention patents, and formed six internal production technology know-how. "" Experts agree that the project of 'independent R & D and technology integration of electro-galvanized products' has reached the international advanced level. "
"In the end, the competition in the industry is still the core technical strength. The" life gate "of the core technology will not be held in its own hands, and it will become the biggest weakness." Ben Jigang's party committee secretary and chairman Chen Jizhuang repeatedly stressed at the meeting.
To this end, Bengang Group's key to improving the quality of electro-galvanized products is to rely on scientific and technological innovation, and to build a full-chain, systematic innovation ecosystem, so that innovation can emerge continuously, which is the key to maintaining the core competitiveness of the enterprise.
Over the past 27 months, each unit of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group has "sounded the right medicine" and "holding the ball" to solve the problem. “The Plate Technology Research Institute organizes the entire process to optimize processes, technological innovations, and research and development varieties, and understands customers’ “pain points” through user discussions and technical service ambassadors to meet personalized and differentiated needs; cold plate rolling mills are centered around electro-galvanized production lines. Developed detailed plans and measures for quality improvement and cost research, and achieved phased results in the research on defects such as color difference, imprints, and streaks; the hot strip rolling mill was managed according to the Six Sigma project process, and the production process of electrogalvanized substrates was steadily advanced according to the schedule. Control, and formed the relevant process system and management system documents. Slab steel mills continue to tackle key issues in IF steel low-temperature process and BH steel excess carbon control technology; the Slab Inspection and Testing Center benchmarked with domestic advanced enterprises and carried out new methods for inspectors Training, answering questions and testing enabled the new inspection method to be carried out smoothly. The equipment department and procurement department broke the rules and fully guaranteed the supply of special materials. The manufacturing department carefully organized and strengthened the quality control of the process. China World Trade Corporation actively explored high-end markets based on accurate research and judgment of the situation. To create favorable conditions for the whole chain to tackle key problems.
Through the joint efforts of various procedures and departments, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group has formed a full-chain, systematic and innovative ecology. Under the "incubation" of this ecosystem, the quality improvement projects of electrogalvanized products have achieved significant results: Bengal steel electrogalvanized The unit's products have achieved a series of products that can only produce a single low-end fingerprint-resistant home appliance with a low output scale and low yield rate in the past.
In this process, the research team based on the entire process chain, solved a number of major issues affecting product quality. At present, the qualified rate of phosphating automotive panels is stable at more than 90%, and a consistent process management system and standardized operation mode have basically been formed. Electro-galvanized deep-drawing and ultra-deep-drawing automotive sheet products have been applied in batches in many high-end models of well-known international automobile brands. TRIP780 high-strength steel has passed the certification of a domestic car company to replace imported products. Certification of a high-end model. Research on the technical quality of electrogalvanized products not only greatly improves the product quality of electrogalvanized products, but also provides strong support for the improvement of the quality of cold rolled and galvanized products.

High-efficiency implementation: All-factor synergy and new requirements

A few days ago, the production site of the electro-galvanizing unit of the sheet cold rolling mill was roaring, and the flat and smooth strips were rotating at a constant speed on the unit like silver mirrors. "This is a phosphating car sheet produced for an automobile factory. Compared with the past, which can only produce single fingerprint-resistant appliances, today's electro-galvanized units can stably produce fingerprint-resistant, passivation, oiling, and phosphating products. The full coverage of the unit's design products, the products are stably supplied to customers such as automobiles and home appliances. Today, electro-galvanized products have become a new benefit growth point for Bengang Group, and the products have received unanimous praise from customers. Operation Chief Cao Yang said in an interview with reporters.
Through the entire process of benchmarking, Bengang Group's electrogalvanized products have now achieved a "gorgeous turn" and advanced into "high-end manufacturing." How to summarize the experience, solidify the results, and form a long-term mechanism in the next step has become the focus of the relevant departments and units of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group in 2020.
"The phased results of the tackling work do not mean the end, but should start from this, formulate new tackling targets, and continue to push the offensive work in depth. All units must move from the tackling mode to the production management mode, and the Plate Technology Research Institute takes the lead. Each process is combined with the actual situation to consolidate the research results, and around the new goals and key control points, formulate timetables, task books, and roadmaps, and form standards, establish long-term mechanisms, and resolutely not take the "return path." In addition, each process department must The galvanized production line is escorted smoothly, and measures are adjusted, continuously optimized in terms of quality, output and cost, to continuously push electrogalvanized products into high-end manufacturing. "Zhang Guiyu, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. on January 16 Japan New requirements were raised at the summary meeting of the technical improvement of the electroplating zinc products of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group held by the Steel Group.
Looking back on the 27-month research process, Bengang Group planned from a high starting point, implemented with high standards, promoted with high quality, and performed efficiently. With the quality concept of "meeting the needs of customers, and endless boutiques," it realized full participation and the entire process. Management, multi-method application, and construction of a full-chain innovation ecology, further improving the physical quality of Benxi Steel ’s electro-galvanized products, greatly increasing its popularity and share in high-end automotive and home appliance applications. The Group lays a solid foundation for advancing into high-end manufacturing.
Listen, the horn of Bengang Group's determination to forge ahead is powerful;
Look, the picture scroll of Benxi Iron and Steel Group's winning by quality is in full swing.
Review the technical results of electrogalvanizing process, and sharpen the sword in three years;
Looking forward to the future of electro-galvanized automotive home appliances, we will move forward!