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To build a "discipline inspection iron army" loyal and clean
Bengang Group Holds Discipline Inspection and Supervision Cadre Warning Education Conference
In order to strengthen the construction of disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres, promote the development of disciplinary inspection and supervision, comprehensively improve the level of disciplinary inspection and supervision, and escort the reform and development of the Steel Group, on the 15th, the Benxi Iron and Steel Group held a disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres warning education conference. The meeting focused on learning the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s speech at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection; conveyed the requirements of the speech by the Secretary of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, Mr. Liao Jianyu, on the review and investigation work; Case. Chen Tie, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of Bengang Group, attended the meeting and made a request.
In response to the two typical cases notified at the meeting, Chen Tie said, "The discipline holder must first observe the discipline, and the legal person must discipline himself first. The disciplinary inspection and supervision organization is a disciplinary force within the party. It must always keep in mind the politics of" hardening the iron by itself " Requirements, and always put the strengthening of self-construction in an important position. "He emphasized that the two cases occurred because" the collapse of ideals and beliefs, the serious distortion of the outlook on life, the extreme materialization of values, and the serious departure from the party spirit. " Supervising cadres have effectively learned the lessons from two typical cases and resolutely "be loyal to the party, be careful when exercising power, and be strict about self-discipline. Continuously improve their party spirit and business capabilities, and truly become loyal and clean Acting as the discipline inspection iron army. "
Chen Tie made a request to further strengthen the construction of the discipline inspection and supervision cadre team.
We must strengthen our original mission and be absolutely loyal to the party. Constantly enhance the "four consciousness", firm the "four self-confidence" and achieve the "two maintenance". It is necessary to regard loyalty to the party as the primary political principle of work, the primary political nature of the team, and the primary political quality of cadres. At the same time, consciously strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, adhere to the principle of prudent self-control, manage the life circle, communication circle, entertainment circle, always do not indulge, do not deviate, do not exceed the rules, and enhance immunity against corruption and degeneration.
We must strengthen our model consciousness and observe strict discipline. Discipline inspection and supervision cadres have the power to supervise and enforce discipline, and must always keep in mind that power is conferred by the party and the people. Typical cases once again warned every disciplinary inspection and supervision cadre that they must strictly act in accordance with the law and use power in accordance with regulations, resolutely prevent and eliminate selective supervision, arbitrary discipline, and willful accountability; resolutely prevent and eliminate the use of disciplinary inspection and supervision And job influence, interfering with the production and operation of the grassroots units and personnel appointments and removals; strictly observe confidentiality disciplines, and have a good "friends and relatives", "inquire about customs" and "temptation customs". Discipline inspection and supervision cadres should always keep their heads clear and keep their duties and missions in mind.
We must strengthen system construction and adhere to strict management and love. The disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres are on the front line of upright discipline. They must strengthen the essential supervision from the system level, improve the internal system construction and internal control mechanism of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group, strengthen the supervision and restriction of power operation, and prevent the concentration of power. Unrestrained corruption.
Chen Tie emphasized that in the new year, the disciplinary inspection and supervision department of Bengang Group should put more energy on its main business and strengthen the daily supervision of disciplinary inspection officials. The various tasks and requirements put forward at the relevant meetings of the Discipline Inspection Commission are aimed at continuously improving their party spirit and professional capabilities, and truly becoming a "discipline inspection iron army" who is loyal and clean.