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Benxi Iron & Steel Hydraulic Lubricant Management
——A record of the management reform of Benxi Steel's hydraulic lubricant products in 2019
The 2019 Benxi Iron and Steel Group Equipment Management Working Conference clarified the equipment management policy-in-depth implementation of equipment inspection and repair, and pointed out that the fundamental task of equipment management is to ensure the safe, stable and economic operation of Benxi Iron and Steel Group equipment.
In accordance with this guiding ideology and the actual situation of the equipment, the equipment department of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group quickly started the benchmarking of the equipment system and the professional management. With the deepening of work, benchmarking, potential management, and professional management also point to outstanding problems in the management of Benxi Steel ’s hydraulic lubricant products—high failure rates in equipment hydraulic lubricant products, and the phenomenon of “run, run, drip, leak” abound. , High oil consumption, high oil purchase prices, many brands and models, many suppliers and other issues.
The hydraulic and lubrication subsystem of the equipment system is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. It has precision and complexity, and requires careful maintenance and precise operation. The transmission medium and lubricating grease require extremely stable physical and chemical indexes and performances, and have strict cleaning index requirements. They need to be finely managed. The selection, testing, and replacement of oil products must be performed in accordance with the equipment's standard for oil and grease. The technological changes are very risky. Facing ubiquitous technological risks, facing the chaotic and complex situation that has been formed for many years, the equipment department has faced difficulties, faced reforms, grasped contradictions, clarified ideas, and adopted effective measures to eliminate interference. Achieved significant results.
This is a successful reform practice of Bengang Steel's equipment system in the field of hydraulic lubricating oil product management. The reform process is complicated, there are collisions of ideas, the old management thinking is obsolete, the technical management methods are backward, All the constraints of the system and mechanism can not hinder Ben Gang's determination and steps to reform and innovate and have the courage to make breakthroughs. Under the support and guidance of the leaders of Benxi Iron and Steel Group, the equipment people have taken the courage to be loyal to the enterprise and innovative breakthroughs to come up with rigorous and pragmatic reform ideas and measures, united and collaborated with relevant departments, factories and mines, and achieved significant results in the reform. Since then, the management of hydraulic oil products of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group has gradually entered a good situation.
Looking back on 2019, it has been fruitful and full of confidence. Looking ahead to 2020, we will consolidate and expand, and have a long way to go. The reform practice of Benxi Iron and Steel Group's equipment system in the field of hydraulic lubricants deserves a comprehensive and systematic review, so as to facilitate our comprehensive reference and promotion.
Just after the Spring Festival of 2019, in the face of the complex chaos that has been formed in the field of hydraulic lubricants of Benxi Iron and Steel Group for many years, the equipment department organized a detailed professional field inspection of the equipment, inspected the operating conditions of the hydraulic equipment and lubrication equipment, and inspected the use of oil products. Check the storage status of oil products, check the oil product inventory, oil sample analysis report, and statistical analysis form, check the equipment for oil and fat standards, discuss and study many times, and clarify the basic status of Benxi Steel's hydraulic lubricant product management, unified Departments, factories and mines, everyone recognizes the main problems: First, not enough attention is paid to the management of hydraulic oil products of Benxi Iron and Steel Equipment, the equipment inspection and repair system is not implemented in place, the management is chaotic, the system has more abnormal leaks, and the failure rate is higher . Secondly, the equipment does not have sound oil and fat standards, lacks awareness of continuous optimization, poor standard implementation effect, unreasonable oil detection and oil change intervals, and lack of awareness of process control, resulting in high oil consumption of Benxi Steel. After statistical comparison, Bengang's 2018 oil ton steel consumption index ranked 36th among 38 large steel companies in the industry. The annual total consumption was 42 million yuan more than the industry average and 52 million yuan more than Anshan Iron and Steel. Third, there are many oil product suppliers and oil brand numbers, and large oil product inventory. After statistical benchmarking, in 2018, there were 40 group companies' oil product suppliers with 498 grades, four times that of Baosteel and Shougang, and two times that of Anshan Iron and Steel. In 2018, Bengang Steel Corporation's oil product inventory was 36 million yuan, while Shougang and Anshan Iron & Steel made safety reserves from external suppliers, and basically achieved "zero inventory" internally. Fourth, the oil products are of low grade, high price and low cost performance. Fifth, the hydraulic lubrication system has poor operating stability, heavy mechanical wear, and high spare parts costs. Sixth, the phenomenon of "run, run, drip, leak" is common in hydraulic lubrication systems, which pollutes the environment.
The management of hydraulic oil products of equipment systems affects both the technical indicators of the equipment and the economic indicators of the equipment. The reform must first control the technical risks, make them technically advanced and applicable, and economically scientific and reasonable. After repeated discussions and internal and external comparative analysis, everyone unified the understanding, without reforming the status quo, Benxi Steel's hydraulic lubricant products management is hovering at a low level, that is, high quality and low prices, we must continue to invest more maintenance costs. Therefore, no matter how difficult or risky the reform is, a thorough reform is indispensable. The equipment department made a determination, quickly organized a team of hydraulic lubrication experts, and seriously discussed the basic ideas that have led to the reform of hydraulic lubricant product management. First, it attaches importance to the management of hydraulic oil products in the equipment system, implements equipment inspection and repair, and implements refinement. Management, strengthen the management of the whole process, accurately formulate the technical transformation plan, carry out the necessary technical tests, and fully reduce the technological risk of the transformation. Emancipate the mind, broaden the horizon, improve the grade of hydraulic lubricants, and ensure that the equipment technical indicators are advanced and applicable. The second is to optimize the equipment's oil and fat standards, radically "run, run, drip, leak", reduce oil consumption and reduce equipment wear. The third is to emancipate the mind, broaden horizons, learn from all-round benchmarking, and dare to compete first. The fourth is to introduce major oil product suppliers, implement regional contracting, and carry out strategic cooperation to fully improve the cost performance of oil products. Fifth, carry out bidding for oil products, fully form competition between big brands, and minimize oil prices.
The reform ideas were clarified. During the full implementation of the equipment department, the following reform measures were mainly adopted: First, the establishment of an expert committee of Benxi Iron and Steel Hydraulic Lubricants. Concentrated internal expert team of Benxi Iron and Steel, concentrated superior strengths to solve technical problems, strengthened professional guidance and strengthened professional management, so that the management of hydraulic lubricant products of Benxi Iron and Steel equipment system should be given due attention, and refined management was achieved. The second is to organize factories and mines to carry out special rectification work on the equipment site "run, run, drip, leak", monthly inspection, summary, notification, assessment, improvement, implementation of PDCA closed-loop management, continuous improvement and upgrading, the equipment site looks completely new. The third is to seriously standardize the equipment for oil and fats, organize equipment technicians to revise the standards, continue to optimize the standards, and implement inspections and oil changes according to the "five sets of lubrication" principle of fixed point, qualitative, quantitative, regular and fixed. Fourth, the introduction of high-quality suppliers such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Mobil, Shell for technical exchanges, integration of oil brands and models across the company, optimization of similar items, significant reduction of oil brands, significant reduction in the number of suppliers, and the realization of oil products To increase the cost-effectiveness of oil products. Fifth, carry out oil product contracting, centralized procurement, and strategic cooperation in areas with high fuel consumption such as steelmaking and continuous casting machines, hot rolling production lines, cold rolling production lines, and mining vehicles. Sixth, strict public bidding was conducted, which not only drastically reduced the purchase unit price, but also used the expertise of oil brand suppliers to provide better solutions for the steel group. The use of open, fair and just methods to eliminate all kinds of interference ended the small scattered situation of the original oil supply.
In 2019, with the support of the correct leadership of the group company and the joint efforts of the equipment department, factories and mines, Bengang's hydraulic lubricant product management reform has achieved breakthrough results. Bengang's hydraulic lubricant products management has gradually entered a good situation and entered a healthy development track. The main reform results are reflected in six aspects: First, the consumption of oil products has dropped significantly. In 2019, the total consumption of equipment hydraulic lubricant products was 157 million yuan. 34 million yuan lower than in 2018. Secondly, the stock of oil products dropped sharply. In 2019, the stock of hydraulic lubricants was 14.42 million yuan, a decrease of 25.6 million yuan from 2018. Third, the unit consumption index of oil products has dropped significantly. In 2019, the ton steel consumption index was 0.417 kg / ton, which has dropped significantly compared with 2018's 0.497 kg / ton. The industry ranking has advanced by 5 places, and will continue to improve significantly. Fourth, the quality of equipment operation has been greatly improved, and the failure rate of equipment accidents has continued to decrease. Fifth, the equipment's hydraulic lubrication system "run, run, drip, leak" was effectively controlled, and the equipment was environment-friendly. Sixth, the company's equipment hydraulic oil lubricants management level has been significantly improved, the number of oil suppliers has been significantly reduced, the number of oil brand models has been significantly reduced, the brand of oil products has been significantly improved, and the cost performance of oil products has been significantly improved. The strategic cooperation effect of large brand suppliers is now Gradually and continuously release, and develop towards the direction of online intelligent detection. In short, the management reform of the hydraulic oil products of the equipment system of the Benxi Iron and Steel Group Corporation was successful. It not only improved the technical level and reduced the maintenance costs, but also formed a long-term mechanism. It continued to release the vitality of the reform and effectively improved the equipment system of the Group Company. The professional management level of hydraulic lubricating oil products has effectively promoted the safe, stable and economic operation of the equipment of the group company.
Looking back on 2019, reviewing the achievements of Benxi Steel's hydraulic lubricant product management reform, it has been fruitful, encouraging, inspiring, and worthy of reflection. Objectively speaking, the field of hydraulic lubricants for Benxi Steel's equipment systems is not a large area, nor is it a key area of cost. There is still such a considerable potential, what about other areas? The effectiveness of the reforms in the field of hydraulic lubricants is important, but the implications for other areas are even more important. Looking ahead to 2020, we will have a long way to go before consolidating and expanding. The equipment system will learn from the reform of hydraulic lubricant product management, broaden the field, continue to work hard, "do it, do it fine, and do it fine", take goal-oriented and problem-oriented as the starting point, and comprehensively review contradictions. Fengshan Open roads and bridges with water, constantly reform and break through, comprehensively improve the technical and economic indicators of Benxi Iron and Steel Group equipment, and continuously promote the progress of Benxi Iron and Steel Group equipment management.