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Implementing the Spirit of Staff Representative Conference · Interview (16)

Deepen the reform and transformation model and be brave to take on innovative development

——Interview with Deng Zhenbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Construction Company

"In 2020, the construction company will continue to promote corporate reforms in accordance with the principles of 'management and professionalism', accelerate the transformation of business models, improve the qualification level, fully revitalize the established regional market, actively expand the market space, be brave, pragmatic, and comprehensive. Complete the tasks assigned by Bengang Group. "Deng Zhenbo, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the construction company, said in an interview.
It is the key to continue to deepen the reform. Deng Zhenbo said that in 2020, they will combine the "four fixed" work, follow the "management and professional" principle, and combine the characteristics of the construction enterprise industry to further clarify the organization's job settings, implement competitive employment, and eliminate the fittest. 3. Dynamic management, effectively stimulate the vitality of profit-making units, and steadily promote the disposal of "zombie enterprises". At the same time, it is guided by technological innovation, promotes technological upgrades and management upgrades, improves the construction of bases, and rapidly improves the capacity of prefabricated buildings. Accelerate the training of technical management personnel, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and effectively promote the independent innovation capabilities of enterprises.
Deng Zhenbo said that in terms of expanding external markets, they will comprehensively improve their qualifications. Based on the market concept of "seeking success with sincerity and win-win cooperation", they will fully revitalize the established regional market and follow the principle of "borrowing ships to the sea and using ladders to climb high" We will make every effort to increase market share, closely track projects such as pensions, tourism, and steel bridges in Qinghai, and strive to reach more than 600 million yuan in outsourced projects. Participate in EPC and PPP projects to the maximum extent and expand the field of market development.
In terms of project implementation, Deng Zhenbo said that they will implement full process control and focus on strengthening contract, budget, capital, procurement, engineering, settlement, labor, and legal management. Focus on monitoring the implementation of all systems, and improve the quality of the company with standardized management. Focus on the problems found in the self-examination of the economic responsibility system, internal audit, sub-contracted inspection, and project supervision, one by one to the responsible person, clear the time node for comprehensive rectification, and use the system to lock in to prevent the recurrence of such problems For the idle assets, the organization special forces to revitalize. Efforts will be made to work well for Benxi Iron and Steel. By strengthening process connections, process control, and civilized construction management, we will ensure that key steelworks of Benxi Iron and Steel are completed on schedule and build a good corporate image.
"In 2020, the operating situation facing the construction company is still very grim, and the contradiction of shrinking engineering volume is still very prominent. The construction company will face difficulties and challenges, continue to deepen reform, consolidate the strength of all employees, move forward with heavy load, and create enterprises with practical actions. A bright tomorrow. "In the new year, Deng Zhenbo's eyes were firm.

Strengthening the confidence to forge ahead with the cause

——Interview with Pang Guozhu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Machinery Manufacturing Company

"In 2020, we will fully implement the spirit of Bengang's Workers' Congress, deepen the supply-side structural reforms, implement reforms and innovations with special repairs and specialized manufacturing as the main line, and expand the marketing channels as a breakthrough to expand the market and expand production capacity through balanced production. In order to enhance the ability to create efficiency, rely on improving quality and reducing costs, rely on deepening its own potential, and create a new situation of high-quality development in an all-round way. "Pang Guozhu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Machinery Manufacturing Company, said in an interview.
In terms of macro planning, Pang Guozhu said that they will adjust the direction of development strategy, seek a long-term with a clear corporate positioning and accurate product positioning, and change from a patch-type to a manufacturing-type enterprise. Seize the strategic opportunity period of the foundry industry, continue to take contract sales as the leader, fully expand the production capacity of special steel short-flow casting and cast iron production lines, and focus on large and medium-sized batch castings for export products, and rapidly expand market share and industry influence. While completing key spare parts contract work, we will continue to cultivate the Korean and Japanese markets and promote long-term and stable supply relations.
In terms of production organization, Pang Guozhu said that they will rely on Bengang and the outside market to achieve a balanced product structure and achieve high-level scientific production by combining output and variety. Focus the main production capacity on core products with advantages, and do a good job of accumulating core product manufacturing capabilities. At the same time, integrate internal and external technical resources, process optimization and benchmarking potential to solidify core product manufacturing standards, integrate forces to introduce external technology to focus on technological upgrades and process optimization; reduce costs to advanced companies to benchmark potential, and make major product prices more competitive in the market In order to solidify the operation process and operation standards on the production operation, gradually form a refined core product series.
In terms of corporate management, Pang Guozhu said that they will promote multi-level and multi-domain coverage of performance-based performance assessments, and promote efficiency improvements. At the same time, it will study the assessment of the indicators of the management department and the implementation of the work plan, and explore a differentiated and performance-oriented distribution method to make the accountability system fully play its role. It will strengthen the management of the manufacturing process, thoroughly implement the quality management level management concept, clarify the management objects, management standards, and division of responsibilities at each level, explore the quality management mechanism and system reform directions and channels of grassroots production units, and strictly implement the accountability and accountability system To comprehensively guarantee the actual effectiveness of high-quality products.
At the end of the interview, Pang Guozhu said confidently, "There will still be many difficulties and challenges in 2020, but we will work together to beat the drums and not be discouraged, slack, or distracted, and work hard to achieve the set goals."