Bengang News

Benxi Beiying Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beiying Company) was established on April 5, 2002. It is a holding subsidiary of Benxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. It is the largest wire production base in Northeast China. Manufacturer of cast iron pipes.
Beiying Company is located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province. The factory railways are connected to the Shendan Line and Shenda Line respectively. The geographical location is superior. It has mining, sintering, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling, casting pipes, power generation, highway, Railway transportation and other perfect steel industry production systems.
Beiying's products are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, petroleum, chemicals, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, energy transportation, building decoration and metal products, etc., are sold throughout the country and exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India, the Middle East More than 50 countries and regions, including Africa and Africa, have been widely recognized in domestic and international markets.
Beiying company adheres to people-oriented, market-oriented, actively adjusts product structure, strengthens product research and development, has established advanced research and development platforms such as bar and wire professional scientific research institutions, and has formed weathering steel, cold-rolled base materials, petroleum pipeline steel, and automobiles. Steel, marine steel, welded bottle steel, checkered plate and other hot-rolled strip steel; cold heading steel, welding steel, prestressed steel wire and steel strand steel, high-quality hard wire, cord steel, prestressed steel bar steel , Rebar, wire rod, low-carbon wire drawing steel, and construction steel; hot-rolled wire rods; 400-500MPa grade reinforced concrete hot-rolled ribbed steel bars; metal nodular cast iron pipes and more than 30 categories and more than 400 series Variety.
Beiying Company strictly adheres to the highest quality and safety standards in the world, and has passed the management system certifications of quality, environment, energy, measurement, occupational health and safety, and its products have won awards for its excellent quality. HRB400 rebar was awarded the Gold Cup Award for the physical quality of metallurgical products; SWRH82B hot-rolled wire rod for prestressed concrete steel wires and strands, and Q345A hot-rolled wide steel strip were rated as outstanding products in the metallurgical industry; It has passed the certification of the British CARES certification body; 1780 hot-rolled coils have passed the certifications of 4 classification societies such as the United Kingdom and Norway and CE certification; the rolling mill and steelmaking plant of Beiying Company have passed the TS16949 quality management system certification of Rheinland; The research and development of DN1200 water-cooled metal pipe, self-anchored interface pipe, DN700 gas pipe, lined epoxy ceramic pipe and PU pipe and other products have filled domestic gaps, and the internal and external spraying PU (polyurethane) pipe technology is domestic. Leading.
Facing the future, Beiying will provide the most valuable products and services to the society and the public, and silently contribute to the creation of a green and intelligent steel enterprise with a beautiful environment, ecological harmony and the benefit of society.